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Client Survey Results of the Multiburo SPOT Coworking Business Centres

01 Jul 2016

Client Survey Results of the Multiburo SPOT Coworking Business Centres

Results of the Coworking client survey carried out in March 2016 with a panel of 100 members of SPOT spread over PAris Gare de Lyon, Paris La Défense, Neuilly, Nantes, Lille and Toulouse.


For 4 years, Multiburo Group has opened professional coworking workspaces called SPOT in 8 of its Business Centres. In collaboration with COLLIERS International, real estate developers, Multiburo has created new shared workspaces which meet the needs of its clients. Workspaces for the salaried employees and the "very responsive" and "collaborative" business people, all the while maintaining the professional quality for which these Business Centres are famous.

Constantly looking for feedback from clients, Multiburo carried out a survey in March 2016 to know the level of satisfaction of users of the workspaces. We provide you below an extract of the results of this survey.


This study provides us interesting details of the types of users of SPOT (Multiburo Coworking Workspaces), 57% are women, and 53% are salaried employees. Also interesting is the reason for the selection of SPOT services, 80% for the price and 42% as an alternative to work-from-home.

Apart from the very competitive tariffs of this package, breaking free from isolation, sharing, exchanging ideas are the needs taken care of by the choice of the SPOT Coworking solution.

Our typical client is thus: A Woman, 35 years old who lives less than 5 km from SPOT and who works in an IT company. She is the one who has chosen her work place, and she plans to stay here for more than 6 months. Certainly, even if price is her primary selection criterion, the additional reason for her choice is the balance between professional life and family life.

It also appears that 93% of users of SPOT service are satisfied or very satisfied, which encourages us in the development of this service.


After Geneva in Switzerland in February 2016, a new SPOT will open in Brussels European Parliament District this summer; we wish it as much success as its predecessors!



 Results of the survey (extract):

1/ What were the selection criteria for choosing the coworking solution?

  Price = 80% cited it among the first 3 selection criteria

  Premises quality = 58%

  Proximity to home = 50%

  Alternative to work-from-home = 42%

2/ Total satisfaction rating of the concept? (10 being the best rating)

  Between 7 and 10 for 93% of the responses

3/ Did you increased your turnover due to SPOT?

  1 member out of 5 increased his turnover due to SPOT


4/ Did you receive assistance from another member?

  1 member out of 3 benefited from the assistance of another member

5/ I am :

  57% of our SPOT clients are women

6/ What is your status?

  53% of our clients are "Salaried employees" and 47% of our clients are Freelancers


Source : Qualitative study undertaken in March 2016 on a sample of 100 members of Multiburo Spot Coworking workspace



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