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4 advantages to create and settle your company in Geneva ¦ With Multiburo business centers

20 Jul 2016

4 advantages to create and settle his company in Geneva ¦ With business centers Multiburo

 On the occasion of the opening of the new business center of Geneva, we suggest you discovering 4 good reasons which have to incite the creators and the entrepreneurs to settle their company in Geneva.


1. Central location :


All European capital cities can be reached from Geneva airport, thanks to national airlines, Swiss Air or Low Cost airlines such as Easy Jet.

If you add all international services (NY, Washington, Montréal, Abu Dhabi, Beijing), as well as the low distance from the airport to the city centre (about 20 min), this makes Geneva a place extremely easy to access, at a 1h flying distance from Frankfurt, Paris, London and in the near vicinity of highly active major cities such as Zurich, Milan or Lyon.



2.   A flexible regulatory context

 The Swiss territory promotes the establishment of companies as a rule :

Taxes are low (approximately 13 % at a 3 year horizon), the VAT rate is 8 %, and tax packages are set up for individuals.

That, combined with the low level of payroll charges, shows the climate favourable to companies.


3. Excellent training

  IMD, EPLF, HEC Lausanne and St Gall University, not to mention others… Switzerland is also the guarantee of being at the heart of technology and know-how with the existence of innovation centres and incubators around those schools.


4. Undisputable quality of life

 With its lakes and mountains, the beauty of Switzerland no longer needs to be proven. With the 5th highest GDP/inhabitant in the world, economic and legal stability as well as a cosmopolite and international aspect due to the presence of almost 250 NGOs, Switzerland is a true haven of peace where it seems very easy to achieve success for whoever gives himself the means to do so.


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