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Netgrapes, the choice of the modulo Multiburo solution | Interview with Olivier Lusardi the President of Netgrapes

26 Sep 2016

Client Testimonial - Lusardi Olivier, President and Founder of Netgrapes chose Modulo solution

After 4 years at Thomson Multimedia as the Director of National Accounts, Olivier Lusardi has been named Country Manager for South Africa and is to reside in Johannesburg to establish the brand and create the local organisation.

He continues his career at Technicolor, where he heads several pre-sales projects for South America, and becomes Sales Director with the objective of developing the high-tech distributor network in Europe.

Based on his success, he gained the post of CEO at Olivetti for France, Benelux, Germany and Austria, before creating Netgrapes in 2014.

Can you tell us about your company?

Netgrapes is the exclusive agent for Olivetti in France. Our job is to market the products and solutions of the Olivetti group throughout France and conduct local negotiations to secure business. The major part of our activity is centred on the sale of digital printing systems. At present, our company has 12 employees.

In what context did you search for premises? What were the issues faced by you?

We were searching for premises at the time of the formation of Netgrapes towards the end of 2014. The challenge for us was to be able to take charge of the commercial representation of Olivetti in France quickly and efficiently without being bothered by external contingencies that may arise from taking premises on operating lease. We wanted to focus on our objective and have with us a flexible and responsive partner capable of making our lives easier regarding aspects that are not directly within the scope of our core business (security, maintenance, reception, network, mail, etc.)

What were your search criteria? Your constraints? How many employees should your new premises be able to cater to?

At the time of searching for premises, the Netgrapes team consisted of ten people or so, of which the majority had travelling duties. So we needed premises to accommodate 4 employees permanently, 10 employees during monthly meetings, and occasionally, larger groups of customers or suppliers. On the other hand, we did not know whether the team would remain the same in size, or whether the growth in business would require the recruitment of new employees. So we had to envisage a solution that allows us to literally push back the walls when the premises became too small, if necessary, or to design the workspace differently.

Why did you choose Multiburo?

We chose Multiburo based on the quality and warmth of their welcome. Apart from accommodation in the business centre, it is the flexibility, responsiveness, and proximity of the service that was offered to us by the Multiburo teams which made us feel comfortable. The fact that we feel we are well-supported by a partner who is eager to meet our needs and who is attentive to our well-being at a time of great uncertainty with regard to time and space has clearly made the difference. Multiburo has thus responded well to the possible needs for simplification and flexibility of the company as much as it has responded to the expectations of hospitality and responsiveness from employees.


Do you see this solution as sustainable or as a step towards your progress?

Initially, we had no clue about how long we would require the premises offered by Multiburo. The flexibility of the offer has allowed us to immediately create a Netgrapes space with our own furniture and our identity, making us feel at home at Multiburo. Today, we feel we have the best of both worlds with Netgrapes offices in the midst of Multiburo's hospitality and services. At present, we have no plans to change this arrangement.


Olivier Lusardi
Netgrapes Olivetti Agency
114bis, rue Michel Ange
75016 Paris