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Real estate solutions, to each his own project | The Expert Opinion - Interview with Bruno Hamel, co founder Glad at Work

26 Sep 2016

Bruno Hamel, co-founder of Glad At Work, is an expert of existing solutions currently on the French market. He shares his expertise with us.

The general trends of the real estate market of business by Bruno Hamel, Glad At Work



Bruno HAMEL, after training in accounting and 12 years of experience in a multinational company, decided to concentrate on real estate jobs and general services (called "working environment" in recent years).This choice fulfils a personal conviction : the quality of the working environment, associated with a "service" focused approach to users, allow a well-being increase at work. 

Over the past 18 years as manager of a real estate and work environment, Bruno has been able to put into practice his convictions within large international groups, and to transfer business operations to a place which provides real opportunities of major transformation for the company, both financially and structurally.


What is the mission of Glad at work?


Our firm assists companies of all sizes in the analysis, establishment and operational and strategic management of their work environment. This includes the real estate where the company establishes its offices, the interiors of both living space and workspace, and services for the building and the employees, as well as relocation that may involve inherent reorganisations in all the above aspects.


What are the profiles of companies that appeal to you?


 All companies that think about:
- their premises and areas constituting the premises,
- the adequacy and the quality of performances and costs associated with the work environment,
- the means implemented to improve the quality of life of employees at work, in all its aspects.


What are the main search criteria for your customers?


The experience of the firm supporting them and its ability to advise with concomitant high added value and independence, taking into account their identity, situation, and goals.

Companies usually contact us at an estate reflection linked to growth or decay, a reorganization (staff, organization of work, reconciliations between companies or selling parts of undertakings, etc.) What prevails is usually the budget (rent), location (see competition, employees, visibility), a desire to reorganize work to change the culture of the company to infuse new trends, etc.


Much is said about well-being at work, sustainable development and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility of the company). Do these new criterias have an impact on the choice of their workspace?


 Companies are increasingly placing greater importance on these aspects, out of care for their employees and due to growing constraints (current and future regulations, differences in the management of workspaces and life, economic aspects).
We believe that human beings, as individuals, are more environmentally aware. Now they also expect concrete actions from the companies for which they work, in order to contribute in this area.


Have your contact persons in the companies changed?

In fact, in recent years, the departments involved in the choices related to the working environment are beyond General Services and Financial Management, significant collaborative work is also being developed with Human Resources. Quality of life at work has become a  real asset to recruit,  it can attract talented persons and limit staff turnover.


Have you collaborated with Multiburo for one of your customers? What do you think of the solutions proposed?


We have actually collaborated with Multiburo for some of our clients who have taken a real and measurable interest in this type of service. For example, a small-sized company with uncontrolled growth over time, or a start-up that benefits from the turnkey services offered by the Centre, customers carrying out work on special projects in a busy or working environment and wishing to move around teams promptly, or another one wishing to provide its employees with flexible workspaces (spot, prompt booking of meeting rooms, centres located in different places in France, etc.).

Multiburo's offer perfectly meets the needs of many short, medium or long-term requirements, and offers quality and flexibility in terms of varied offerings; all this makes it the real-estate solution of choice.


Can you give some advice for a company seeking offices?


 Regardless of the type of company and its initial objectives in terms of real estate, we always recommend an advanced and balanced study of a number of criteria in order to develop a sustainable and sound real-estate strategy which will not leave any point unexplored and will allow the company to take far-sighted decisions, keeping in mind the associated risks and commitments.


What are the various real-estate solutions offered on the French market and what are their major differences?


In a few words, traditional commercial lease is unquestionably the most represented in terms of commercial premises. Duration commitment, which is inherent in this type of lease, is the most restrictive of all solutions.
Tenancy at will, sub-letting and business centre are the other most commonly found solutions. The management function will be completely different according to the solution adopted, obviously the most comfortable being the business centre, and the performances and costs will generally be included in the contract, as desired.
The size of the company and its organisation usually constitute the critical threshold that compels one to move from one solution to the other.

Only a proper study of each individual case combining multiple parameters will facilitate arriving at decisions on the most appropriate real-estate solution, as there is no universal case.



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