Offices to let from 99m²

Private and flexible property solution

Private office unit for rent from 99m²

Since 2000, Multiburo has been developing private real estate solutions that are a cross between a business centre and a commercial lease.

You can lease a bare space in one of our buildings. You can configure it as you see fit and make an "à la carte" selection of all the other Multiburo services available on site



  • Office space ranging from 99 m² to 1000 m², laid out according to your specifications.
  • Real estate solution that includes rent, building costs, private costs, office tax, housekeeping and maintenance, daily management of your space and visitor reception.
  • Layout (partitions, furniture): We make a proposal and follow it up.
  • Technology platform based on your needs (wiring, telephone handset, Internet access and equipment room).
  • Long-term real estate solution for a renewable two-year term (prior notice of six months beyond that) You can have a long-term set-up for your business while still enjoying flexibility.
  • Opportunity to expand your leased space and use shared conference rooms in the building.
  • Services selected "à la carte", including mail management, telephone reception, superintendence and more.

Potential uses

  • Set up a company headquarter, subsidiary or a branch office
  • Team settlement
  • Outsourcing or reorganising the company building

Compare with a conventional lease




  • Commercial lease at least three years
  • The minimum contract is 24 months
  • The move-in timeframe is long while you search for a location, negotiate the lease, have fixture work performed…
  • You can set up and move in quickly
  • The surface area you occupy is fixed for the term of the lease
  • Office space can be extended and conference rooms are "à la carte"
  • The lessee is responsible for fixture work, equipment investments (furniture, telephones, technology, photocopier and other equipment)
  • You make a single investment in the partitions. All other equipment is available through service packages
  • You have at least 15 service providers to choose, to monitor and manage
  • You have only one service provider and only one invoice to pay
  • There are stiff penalties if you terminate a lease before the end of a three-year period
  • After the initial period, the risk is minimal




Advantages of Multiburo

  • Savings : By taking advantage of the building’s existing infrastructure and resource sharing (technology, wiring, reception, housekeeping and maintenance for the common and private areas, among others), users are able to reduce their costs.
  • Visibility and optimisation of all of the business’ operating costs, particularly for general services.
  • Simple, foreseeable building management, a single invoice and a single contract.
  • Reduced real estate and financial risks.
  • Organisation method adapted to current trends: reorganisation of workspace for better performance.
  • You have the benefit of our experience when creating your layout plan.