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Real Estate Director – Key accounts

Multiburo office solutions adapted to Key Accounts

As a Real Estate Director, you must permanently ensure that you provide your units with real estate areas adapted to staff’s needs whilst optimising the costs of these units.

Multiburo proposes equipped office solutions to optimise your real estate stock.
Think Multiburo for 1 to 30 people per site.



Turnkey offices

Real estate streamlining and team restructuring:discover fully equipped work areas of 1 to 50 offices for a period of one month or more.

Customised private space

Privatisation of office space with greater adaptability and flexibility. discover office spaces tailored to your specifications from 99 to 1,000 m2.

Occasional rental of meeting rooms & offices

Training and recruitment plan:discover our meeting areas and offices available for one-day rental and configured to your specs.A range of customised services is offered to meet your IT, word processing and catering needs.

Coworking and shared office space

An affordable, user-friendly real estate solution for nomadic workers/teleworkers offering greater mobility.Offer your mobile employees a quality professional space close to where they live or stop-over when on business trips.

Address for domiciliation

Start up a new business or open a regional or international unit at a lesser cost:discover our virtual office addresses, all located in reputable, strategic districts to enhance your firm’s image.Advantageous telephony and mail management services.